Bala & Penllyn Tourism Association

What the Bala & Penllyn Tourism Association does and how to be a member

The Bala & Penllyn Tourism Association exists to promote tourism in the Bala & Penllyn area and to publicise, promote, develop and market Bala & Penllyn for tourism with resultant economic benefit to the area.

The Association was set-up as a sub-group of Antur Penllyn, the regeneration organisation for the area. Anyone with an interest in the success of tourism in the Bala & Penllyn area is welcome to join and thus support the Association and its objectives, whether they have a tourism business or not.

The Association is a non-profit making voluntary, community organisation run by members for the benefit of members and the local community. The officers of the Association are:

  • Chair: Jonathan Smith
  • Secretary: Linda Woodrich
  • Treasurer: John Bisby
  • Media Officer: Heledd Roberts

Members who assist the officers include:

  • PEG representative: Carol Kayshaw

Members of the Association include those involved with accommodation, attractions, activities, restaurants and shops.

The Association meets regularly and prospective members are welcome to attend a meeting before joining.

The Association sets-up sub-committees on specific areas and this Website was developed by the marketing sub-committee.

If you wish to advertise on this Website, you can do this by joining the Association - by downloading the membership form from the “Members” page on this Website or you can contact the Association using our contact form.


Bala and Penllyn Tourism Association